Sunday, 1 February 2015

Ikea ZAISU - Floor chairs for our kotatsu

A year ago I setup a DIY kotatsu using an Ikea LACK coffee table, but never got a proper futon-mat, nor any Japanese style floor chairs to go with it: 座椅子 (ざいす, or zaisu). I'd been seriously pondering importing zaisu chairs when I stumbled on a blog comment suggesting using the top half of an Ikea swivel chair.

So I went back to the Edinburgh Ikea and attempted to check all their chairs to see which (if any) might be used without legs as a simple zaisu. I came home with a pair of Ikea VÅGSBERG swivel chair shells (and nearly bought the Ikea JULES junior desk chair shell as well - a little small for me), and a new thick rug.

Ikea kotatsu & zaisu: LACK coffee table with Metro heater, VÅGSBERG chairs,
ALMSTED rug,  Euro-King size MYSA STRÅ duvet with LYCKOAX cover