Monday 13 May 2013

Raspberry Pi Trail Cam - Update

Its been two months since I posted the first set of photos captured by my Raspberry Pi trail-cam. Since the UK had some unexpected snow in March 2013 - during which the garden based Raspberry Pi continued to work just fine.

Pheasants in the snow

Bar missing some days where the SD card filled up, and a couple of occasions when for reasons unknown motion failed, the Raspberry Pi worked very nicely - despite the cold. There were a few more unexpected sightings in the last week...

We're not sure where this cat lives, but we have seen it in the garden before:
Bird Hunter
But this was a surprise - a pair of deer (judging from the full set of images) were in our garden at dusk on Saturday! I wonder if I left the gate open or they found another way in avoiding the camera?
Venison and Bambi?

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