Saturday 9 March 2013

Raspberry Pi motion sensitive Trail-Cam

My Raspberry Pi at the bottom of the garden is now monitoring an unmodified XBox webcam pointing at a fence break, rather than the mice visiting the compost heap. This uses the Motion software to hopefully catch anything walking past - like the pheasants I've seen using this route.

Mr. PheasantMr. Pheasant and two wives in two

Pheasant on a sunny dayQuite a regular visitor

While most of the images so far have been of pheasants, there were a few surprises too.

Action shot! A sparrow?Horses - wasn't expecting that!

A black-bird on the wing

Here's a shot of the compost-cam and the replacement XBox trail-cam with the crude wooden shelter I built to keep off the worst of the weather. The camera is connected to my Raspberry Pi in the garden running Motion, monitoring a second camera in a bird box.

(modified Xbox Live Vision with IR LEDs)
(Unmodified Xbox Live Vision)
Update: Here's a photo round up for the following two months.

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