Thursday 14 June 2012

Sparrows Nesting

After the disappointment of no residents in Bird Boxes 1 & 2, and the evicted blue tits in Bird Box 3, I was delighted to find Bird Box 4 in use - even if it wasn't by woodpeckers, but by sparrows. This was probably my favourite photo:

Rather than regular photos collected automatically, I was only able to check the camera periodically by taking a laptop down the garden - it was far beyond USB range.

Saturday 2 June

Little little birdies.Big mouthsHungry mouths

Tuesday 5 June

Just three days they have grown noticeably - with this shot you could hear excited chirping as the parent approached:

Dinner time!First served...We want more!

Saturday 9 June

Now two of the chicks seem noticeably bigger, and their wings look ready:

Three in a rowWaking upWhat can I see?
I want to see too!Just stretching...I'm still here

Sunday 10 June

They look ready to fledge now.

Who's the bravest?Who's the biggest?
Unhatched egg againNap time

Wednesday 13 June

And they've left home... probably under three weeks since hatching:

Empty nest
We can't be sure (as I suspect there are other sparrow broods in the area), but we've probably seen them since on the lawn being fed by their parents.

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